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VisionGS is a full featured, wizard driven webcam and video surveillance software for Microsoft Windows platforms. The software is on the market since 1999 - with thousands of satisfied customers in all industries.

You may use this software for broadcasting your home, office or event to the LAN / Internet as well as to monitor and keep any location under digital surveillance.

VisionGS offers support for all kind of webcam and video devices, inculding firewire support and a large amount of network cameras (IP-Cams). There is no need for a special webcam, you may also use a simple tv-card (like Hauppage WinTV etc.) together with a camcorder to publish your images live to Internet..



VisionGS BE

This product is designed for professional usage. It has no limitations like VisionGS PE. You may order VisionGS BE online here.







VisionGS PE

This product is freely available for your personal, non-commercial use only and is limited in features. You may download VisionGS PE here.



Short feature overview of VisionGS BE and VisionGS PE>

  • Real multi-cam support with own profiles.
  • Live streaming video and audio using the latest streaming technology (e.g. WMV8 and WMV9).
  • Support for a large number of video devices and webcams, dv/firewire included.
  • Support for a large amount of network cameras (IP-Cams).
  • Configurable motion detection to monitor your desk, house, children etc. (also ability to capture video in realtime).
  • Most storage location (local harddisk, NFS, FTP, USB-Stick etc.)
  • Ability to run as true Windows Service.
  • Remote control your PTZ camera.
  • Logitech Quickcam Orbit- and Logitech Quickcam Sphere Pan Motor control.
  • Ability to include file-contents (e.g. latest weather information) in your webcam image.
  • Include an overlay image like your company logo.
  • Comes with configurable Java Applet for your website.
  • Support for Dynamic DNS Service, e.g. DynDNS.com
  • Archive images in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Send live picture by Email to a friend.
  • Multi language support (English, German).
  • Comes with a configurable HTTP Server.
  • HTTP password protection.
  • IP Upload Feature to automatically update your website.
  • Automatically creates thumbnails of your webcam pictures.
  • Comes with lots of html examples.




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